Jades Components

Jades have the capability to manufacture a vast range of coils and transformers in house.   For over 25 years the company has built its reputation of being one of the UK's premier winding sub contractors.

It has done this by providing quality windings to a diverse range of industries including consumer electronics, defense and medical applications.

Approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, the UK manufacture of wound products is undertaken by a workforce of seventy five.   Production is divided into four main areas 1) Coil winding, 2) Assembly, 3) Encapsulation and Impregnation, 4) Test and Inspection.

By a continuous programme of equipment modernisation, Jades has built up a wide range of high speed winding configurations, for both linear and toroidal applications.  Different wire sizes and types used are numerous, down to automatic winding of 0.02mm diameter, for which the complete winding operation is undertaken using a microscope attached to the winding machine. Continuous winding, taping and tag wrapping can be performed by programmed machines for larger runs.

The provision of a high precision, automatic flat bed grinding machine has enabled on-site custom gapping of ferrite cores to be undertaken to accuracies of 0.02mm. The first series of functional testing is performed at the assembly stage prior to assembling the core and bobbin. Fine adjustments allowing for variations in core materials can be made at this stage to ensure customer specifications are satisfied.

Encapsulation is undertaken in many forms to meet particular environmental applications. Two transfer mould presses are in operation, using a variety of powder epoxy resin grades and mixes. Liquid epoxy resins, polyesters and silicone rubber encapsulation and potting are also undertaken.

Varnish and resin impregnation are also included in the available process facilities, as are the controlled curing ovens.

Test and measurement is undertaken at the earliest state necessary to ensure accuracy to specification. In-line testing of turns ratio and phase is carried out where required. Final test is l00% for Voltage Breakdown and Inductance. Test equipment is mainly LCR Bridges, Frequency Meters and Flash Testers. Volume production testing is carried out on Voltech Transformer Testers. Primary Equipment is externally calibrated and is supplemented by the use of in-house standards.

In more recent years as well as providing in house production Jades has offered outsourcing from its reliable low cost partners. Thus giving its customers the best of both worlds Far Eastern pricing with the backing of an expert UK manufacturing facility.

This can be particularly useful to customers developing new products.   Using the UK facility to design and improve the initial batches knowing that when proven; a seamless transition to high volume low cost production will be serviced by Jades.

Whilst receiving the benefit of off shore pricing and supply on cost sensitive product, customers have the convenience that any smaller quantity derivitives will be supported by Jades in house facility.

Scheduling of orders can be tailored to suit customers individual requirements.

Whatever the needs of its customers Jades will endeavour to form strong partnership relationships and maintain the high degree of flexibility that is essential in the ever changing world of sub contract manufacturing.